Biotechnology, Food and Agrifood industries
What We Do

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Our consulting and advisory services are focused on helping entrepreneurs and companies that:
Have need to innovate their products and/or processes and don't have the necessary human resources.
Didn't achieve your goals because of technical difficulties that seem insurmountable.
They want to diversify by finding new applications for current products.
They want to increase exports and they need to adapt their products to new markets.
They face risks derived from new regulations and bet on innovation to overcome them.
They want to add value to the processes by generating new products
from what they have so far treated as waste.
They need to increase the creativity of their team.

This is what we can do for you

We manage your projects optimizing processes and equipment and making sure that all the pieces fit perfectly to obtain maximum results.
We manage your research contracts or clinical tests that you need, in the most appropriate center. Wherever you are.
We generate innovative ideas adapted to the specific needs of your project or company.
We offer you stable or temporary consulting services on innovation, creativity, generation of ideas, design of processes and products.
We advise and manage you in matters of Regulatory Affairs, records and compliance with legal regulations.
We design alternative processes in collaboration with academic groups and other companies.
We reduce your costs based on the innovation of your processes.
We optimize your industrial activity.
We advise you on innovation strategy.
With our collaboration
You will protect your company against the threats of the market.
You will make your R + D + i investments profitable
You will break the barriers that prevent you from diversifying.
You will consolidate the company and increase profits and margins.
You will work with professionals who have a deep knowledge of your expectations and needs.
Our prices are very attractive and we offer you a progressive rate system.
The opportunities are endless ...
The time to take advantage of them NOT
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