Biotechnology, Food and Agrifood industries

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Business opportunities in the field of Biotechnology, Food and agrochemical industries
Is your company in a moment of change?
Do you need to innovate your products and / or processes?
Do you plan to diversify markets?
Do you want to find new applications for current products,
but don't have the know-how and the necessary human resources to do?
ADreamUP can help you
We offer our extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of biotechnology, food and agro-food industries so that entrepreneurs like you can develop new business opportunities with a global market approach.
Our team will help you acquire the technology and knowledge that will allow you to innovate successfully and with continuity.
Your idea a successful project
ADreamUP helps you generate ideas adapted to your specific needs and transform them into successful projects.
Our extensive experience in Biotechnology, Food and agro-food industries and the processes associated with these areas will help you achieve your goals, optimizing your industrial activity and reducing costs.
We manage your projects and your research contracts; we generate ideas, processes and products; we advise you and manage compliance with legal regulations.
We take care of giving life to that idea that seemed impossible and we turned it into a successful project.
Minimizing your problems.
Maximizing your level of satisfaction.
Technology tools
ADreamUP makes use of the most recent technologies so that your project has all the necessary elements to succeed, in the most efficient and economical way possible.
Our network of contacts and collaborators allows us to cooperate with the best researchers and technologists in all areas of interest.

The engine of innovation

We are convinced that people are the engine of innovation.
Their intuitions, knowledge, intelligence and dedication reveal opportunities, detect deviations from the norm, observe new habits and technologies, challenge orthodoxy and look at the flanks of reality to see what is different and understand its essence.
Undoubtedly, to innovate and generate ideas requires a positive work environment that helps commitment and develops the ability to take risks.
Global Network
Our team has a wide global network of contacts with researchers, technicians and
business professionals in the fields of biotechnology, human and animal nutrition, food and agriculture.
Our constant collaboration with professionals from different countries allows us to maintain a global vision in the fields of
Biotechnology, Food and agro-food industries and find the best human resources to carry out your projects successfully.
Our Team
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