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As consultants with extensive experience in biotechnology, food and health, food and agri-food industries, we offer companies the opportunity to take advantage of our experience and extensive national and international network of contacts, in the innovation of their production processes, current products, and new developments.
We help them to promote their R + D in a creative way.
We collaborate with our clients in carrying out pilot production, analytical and testing tests, when necessary. To do this, we design the protocols, audit the suppliers and control the testing and testing.
We propose to companies an opportunities map of their raw materials and processes to improve the profitability of current products and the expansion of the product portfolio. We collaborate in the definition of new processes and products.
Technological change is one of the important and difficult factors for many companies to assume. Based on our experience and knowledge, we advise them on the implementation of new technologies that, being more efficient, positively impact the quality and costs of their products.
When necessary, we advise our clients in the training of their technical and commercial staff, through presentations or seminars. We regularly attend fairs, events, and conferences to keep our knowledge updated. In some cases, we share these events with our clients so that they acquire a better knowledge of the commercial or industrial sector in which they operate or simply connect with new suppliers and/or customers that help them to develop their business better.
We make use of all the available technologies to give our clients a personalized, agile and efficient service.

    In summary:

  • We generate ideas so that your projects work, we analyze the opportunities and we value the risk and the needs of your company to innovate. Thinking "out of the box" we help you make possible the impossible
  • We help you design or renew your production processes using the latest technologies. The old statement "what works, do not touch it" is the guarantee of being late for changes. When "things work" is when we have the means and time to think about the future.
  • We take care of pilot production tests, generate the initial samples of your new products to carry out the necessary tests in vitro or in vivo models in animal models, in plants or in humans. We manage analytics and characterize your product if necessary. We collaborate with specialized centers that allow us to manage your needs.
  • We collaborate with our clients in the design of their new products and processes, being aware that designing a product well is to understand the market to which it is directed and what solutions it offers its consumers.
  • ADreamUP collaborates in a stable way with engineering and offers the collaboration of suitable professionals for the industrial implementation of its processes and to satisfy the needs of our clients.
  • Have needs to innovate their products and / or processes and do not have the adequate technical resources.
  • Do not achieve your goals because of technological difficulties seem insurmountable.
  • Want to diversify markets by finding new applications for current products.
  • Want to increase exports and need to adapt their products to new markets and new legislation.
  • They have risks derived from new regulations and bet on innovation to overcome them.
  • They want to add value to the processes by generating new products from what they are treating as waste until now.
  • Need to increase the creativity of your team.
  • We manage your projects optimizing processes and equipment and making sure that all the pieces fit perfectly to obtain maximum results.
  • We manage your research contracts or clinical tests that you need, in the most appropriate center. Wherever you are.
  • We generate innovative ideas adapted to the specific needs of your project or company.
  • We offer you stable or temporary consulting services on innovation, creativity, generation of ideas, design of processes and products.
  • We advise and manage you in matters of Regulatory Affairs, records and compliance with legal regulations.
  • We design alternative processes in collaboration with academic groups and other companies.
  • We reduce your costs based on the innovation of your processes.
  • We optimize your industrial activity.
  • We advise you on innovation strategy.
  • Protect your company from market threats.
  • Maximize your investments in R + D + i
  • Break the barriers that prevent you from diversifying.
  • Consolidate the company and increase profits and margins.
  • Work with professionals who have a deep knowledge of your expectations and needs.
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