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People are the engine of innovation and not technology or capital. Their intuitions, knowledge, intelligence, and dedication create opportunities. People detect deviations from the norm, observe new habits and technologies, challenge orthodoxy and look at the flanks of reality to see the difference and understand its essence.
Those who are open to change travel to different worlds. They wonder about the cultural, social and environmental factors that influence the preferences of their customers and suppliers.
They look for inspiration in the analogy, in the experience of success and failure whether they are themselves or others, they are not afraid of change, they want it, they seek it, they dream it come true.
Innovation and creativity in the company must encompass all areas, people and departments. Innovation and the generation of ideas need a positive environment that generates involvement, ability to take risks and collaborate in freeing the innovators of fears and prejudices and encourage them to try and deny the culture “of the consequences of failure” so widespread in our society.
Ensuring diversity and inclusion are part of the vision, strategy, and success of innovation. An inclusive aptitude recognizes and encourages employees who have different perspectives, skills, and experiences to work together well. The collaboration of different cultures, origins, ideas, and perspectives is an asset for the company, adding and not subtracting with greater creativity and innovation.
When these ingredients are not present in the “engine” brake is activated and seriously compromises the success of innovation and the future of the company.

Posted by Carlos Chetrit, ADreamUP Founder

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