Natures Inspire Us

Nature inspires us throughout our lives. Its ability to adapt to changes, its beauty, its vulnerability and its strength, make us admire it and fight so that it is not destroyed. We are not conservationists, nature changes and is transformed, adapted and modified to continue existing and humanity should not be the engine of change.

Let us see our planet as what it is: a living being and us as what we are: an infinitesimal part of that group that with its action or inaction dares to jeopardize the existence of the whole and ours as well.

Sustainability is the challenge of our time. We must all have the necessary sensitivity to see the environment in the same way that we see our personal environment as deserving of being maintained, protected and not be altered by selfish or irresponsible third-party actions.

Companies must understand that sustainability is neither a good nor a bad business but an integral part of it and must be located alongside the core business to ensure that it is given the necessary attention and updated with the consistency of the times and thus ensuring the viability of the business itself.

Addressing the diversity of opinions that coexist in our society is an obligation. Climate change can be questioned whether it will be a reality based on human action or not. Whether it is accelerated by the action of man or not. But what can not be denied or yes, is that independently of our action the changes will occur.

Our planet has cycles that can be modified by external and internal factors and why not, by our own action or inaction. These cycles have been found by science and are not objectionable unless the evidence is irrationally denied.

In 2017, in which the denialist positions of climate change are advancing, it is more necessary to maintain and reinforce personal sensitivity and express it publicly. We must neutralize the action of the negationists. We must advance in a vision that does not deny reality and does not endanger the well-being of humanity as a whole.

Posted by Carlos Chetrit, ADreamUP Founder

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