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What We Do

What we Do - We help you to innovate in Biotechnology and Food

“Excellent ideas not only meet expectations, they exceed them by far”

Can ADreamUp help you?

ADreamUp‘s consulting and advisory services in the field of technology are focused on helping entrepreneurs and institutions that:

  • Need to innovate their products and/or processes and do not have the necessary human resources to do so.
  • Have difficulties achieving their goals because they face technological problems that seem insurmountable.
  • Want to diversify markets by finding new applications for current products.
  • Want to increase exports and need to adapt their products to the new markets.
  • Are facing various risks arising from new regulations and who, instead of looking for ways to adapt to the new rules, are committed to take the innovation route.
  • They want to reinvent the raw materials they use and generate new products from what they have up until now been treating as waste.
  • They need to increase the creativity of their teams.

We want to help entrepreneurs and institutions that understand that:

“With logic you get from A to B but with the imagination you get everywhere.”

What we Do - We help you to innovate in Biotechnology and Food

Do you relate to one of these scenarios?

If so, this is what ADreamUp can do for you:

  • We manage your projects optimizing processes and equipment and making sure that all parts fit perfectly well for maximum results.
  • We manage the research contracts or clinical tests that you need, in the most appropriate institution. Wherever you are.
  • We generate innovative ideas adapted to the specific needs of your project or company.
  • We offer you Ongoing or Temporary Consulting services on innovation, creativity, idea generation, processes and product design.
  • We offer Coaching for your R & D teams.
  • We advise and manage in matters of Regulatory Affairs, registrations and compliance with legal regulations.
  • We design alternative processes in collaboration with academic groups and other companies.
  • We reduce your costs by innovating your processes.
  • We optimize your industrial activity.
  • We find the best human resources for your team and/or Innovation project.
  • We advise you on strategy in innovation.
What we Do - We help you to innovate in Biotechnology and Food

In other words: We provide the excellence that you need to innovate and get things right.

Why should you trust ADreamUP?

We help you protect your company against the threats of the market.

You will be getting a return for your R&D investments.

You will break the barriers that are preventing you from diversifying.

You will consolidate the company and increase profits and margins.

You will work with professionals who have a deep knowledge and understanding of your expectations and needs.

Our prices are very attractive and we offer a progressive rate system.

But, above all, you will make your dreams come true, transforming them into successful projects.

What we Do - We help you to innovate in Biotechnology and Food


We are constantly trying to learn and understand your needs, expectations and the problems you face in order to develop and implement cost-effective solutions that increase your chances of success.


The ADreamUP team always acts with responsibility, punctuality and efficiency and with the strictest sense of professional ethics. Our research and our proposals follow a rigorous quality process that guarantees the best results.


We make quick decisions and act quickly and dynamically. We focus on the solution of a need, problem or change, proposing innovative, realistic, quality and viable alternatives.


Highly curious, enthusiastic and willing to overcome any problems, our team is committed to provide you with the best possible support to help you develop your potential and strengths and increase your knowledge and expertise.

Can we accompany you on the road to success?

If you want to open up new opportunities in the field of biotechnology,

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